Wednesday, September 1, 2010


At first glance, I thought this was bogus.

A musician is trying to get people to fund the production of his next full-length album, and he has a website where you can donate to him.... sounds lame, right?
But here's the thing... IT'S COMPLETELY UNLAME.

Reading more, I find out that kickstarter is a website where you can help fund creative projects. The projects always have a set monetary goal that they have to reach by a certain date, and if they do not reach that goal, your credit card is never charged. Plus, most artists offer really cool stuff if you donate to their projects upfront. (Example: donate $15, and you'll get a copy of their CD once it's released.) It's kind of like a CSA program for artists, filmmakers and musicians. What an AMAZING way to show support for the things you love and encourage the creative community. And the beauty of it is that if you're the person trying to get funding, you get to connect with those that support you. Plus it's a way for you to gauge interest on projects you're working on. Amazing amazing.

This guy is the reason I saw this website in the first place, since his plea for funding was tweeted by one of my favorite music chicks, Ingrid Michaelson. (Greg opened for Ingrid at a show in LA that I caught last year.) It looks like he is already well on his way to getting the 20k he needs. So check it out... and if you thought your dream projects were just too expensive to happen... let me know when you start your own kickstart project. I'll donate. I promise. :)

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  1. This is really random, but I also started a blog this week! I have no great purpose in my blog, other than I think writing is something I should keep doing. I haven't even told anyone about it yet bc I want a few posts to start it off. So, now I'm totally going to read your blog!:):)
    Lindsey Hogg
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